Proposal Stage

Assist you arrive at a strong research proposal for your supervisors or potential funders.

Technical Content

  1. Literature Review: search, select, organize, and summarize relevant articles. Craft research questions and identify the research gap.
  2. Methodology: Help with the research design, identify the data plan, sample size and select the correct analyses.
  3. Research Collection tools

Research Support Topics


1. Different types of referencing formats

  • The art of paraphrasing
  • Referencing different sources e.g. books, journals, newspapers etc
  • In-text and End-text referencing
  • Un-intentional plagiarism
  • Writing the Bibliography.

2. Dealing with the mental block: The First step

  • Definition of mental block
  • Symptoms of mental block
  • Identifying mental block
  • Reasons for getting mental block

Application Form

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Education Background

Current researh activities

Current researh activities

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