Preliminary Stage

Assist in clarifying in researchable topic aligned to the discipline

Technical Content

  • Dissertation Topic Selection. Assist inresearchable topic aligned to the discipline.
  • Developing a concept paper: Assist in crafting research questions, testable hypotheses, establishing gaps in the literature, writing a statement of the problem, selecting a conceptual/theoretical framework, and design of the methodology.
  • Developing and articulating the research problem: Theoretical construct, and phenomenon under study.


Research Support Topics

1. Starting your Postgraduate Work

  • Deciding to do your postgraduate degree.
  • Reasons for doing Postgraduate degree.
  • Wrong reasons for doing Postgraduate work.
  • Getting ready for the Postgraduate studies.
  • What does it involve?

2. Dissertation Topic Selection

  • Reasons for selecting the dissertation correctly
  • Identifying interesting topics
  • Relationship between the Topic and a Career path
  • Challenges of topic selectione)Top tips for dissertation selection

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Current researh activities

Current researh activities

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