Welcome to AFCL

Afriquest Consulting limited is a management company that aims at supporting individuals and corporates to weather the storms of today’s rapidly changing world. Afriquest is committed to solving social and economic issues affecting Kenya and which has had a profound impact on growth and development of the country. We shall do this through 3 Key Areas:

01 Education Management

The goal of Afriquest in this program, is to raise the confidence levels of every student by seeking to immerse the candidates in the nature of the research process, and to give them the confidence that allows them to synthesise their own approach, secure in the knowledge of what every move entails and how validity may be lost.

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02 Management and Leadership Training

Organizations are in a constant push to achieve their strategic mission, vision and objectives. To achieve this, leaders must garner the support and the following of their stakeholders. They must possess the abilities to effectively motivate themselves and others, maximize team productivity drive breakthrough innovation, and gain a competitive edge for their company.

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03 Business Advisory and Support Services

Businesses today are constantly grappling with fast changing economic conditions while at the same time managing risks and complying with both external and internal policies. Afriquest is a distinguished business that offers both advisory and support services With the aim of helping businesses grow and succeed in the rapidly evolving global trade. We offer a wide range of services and expertise designed to meet specific client needs.

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Research Programmes

The programmes are offered in different interactive methods including one-on-one coaching and group seminars. Writing retreats are also part of the offering.

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